J. Asoka Tonic


Emercee‘s J Ashoka Tonic is the most effective for women. Useful in uterine ailments, mental disorders, leucorrhoea, menses too early and too profuse, flow passive. Dark clotten offensive, uterine along with bad effects of abortion and miscarriage. Pain in lowerabdomen during menstrual cycle.

Janosia Asoka (ϴ), Abroma Aug. (ϴ), Pulsatilla Nig. (ϴ), Viburnum Op. (ϴ), Fraxinus A. (ϴ), Berberis Aq. (ϴ), Withania Som. (ϴ), Aletris F. (ϴ), Ferrum Met. 3X(T), Mag. Phos. 3X(T), Kali Brom. 3X(T), Excipients Q.S., Alcohol Content 11 .30% v/v

2 teaspoonful with cold water twice daily after meals or as directed by the physician.